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Is Provillus just the next ‘miracle natural hair loss treatment’ in a long line of products that promise great results they can’t possibly deliver or just a scam? Find it out in this Provillus review.

It’s a fact of life that as men age (and women too) either they will begin to lose their hair or it will go gray. It’s simply genetics and there is nothing we can do about right? Wrong!

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Modern science may not yet have cured the common cold, but they haven’t been sitting on their thumbs either; and since ego (yes, I’m guilty) plays a part in the lives of men, women and doctors, it’s only natural that a certain percentage of medical research is used to aid in the prevention of hair loss. The important question is this, do these products work or are they simply the snake oil of our modern age? I decided to put one such product “Provillus” to the test and find out the truth for myself.

First let’s lay down some ground rules; there may be certain conditions or genetic disorders that make any treatment non-functional; since I obviously don’t know your particular situation, I’d advise you to perform your own research.

For the purposes of this Provillus review, we’ll discuss male pattern baldness, which generally is seen in men during their 20s and 30s, but in some instances happens later in life. While there is no definitive answer, this is known to be cause due to genetics and hormones, specifically DHT or Dihydrotestostrone. DHT is derived from testosterone and when formed bonds to the hair follicle; in turn hindering hair growth and depriving the blood supply.


More DHT (combined with time) = hair loss.


DEFINITION: Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is the most frequent type of hair loss.
It is normally caused by hormones, genes and age

While this article is a Provillus review, it is a medical fact that DHT is a
major factor in male pattern baldness and if it can be reduced and/or blocked,
hair growth and/or retention will be stimulated and enhanced. Thus, we are not
debating science, merely looking at a Provillus in some detail to determine its


How does Provillus work?

Provillus does a combination of two things:

1. Blocks DHT as mentioned above,
2. Provides nutrients that the body needs for a healthy head of hair.

Nutrients include:

Vitamin B6 – (promotes hair growth)
Biotin (essential for healthy skin, nails, hair)
Magnesium (necessary mineral for hair growth)
Zinc (increases hair density – reverses hair loss)
Nettle root (blocks DHT)
Pumpkin oil extract (supplement for the hair)
Saw palmetto (blocks DHT)
Eleuthero (member of ginseng family – promotes healthy hair)
Uva-Ursi (reduces water retention and bloating)
Muria Puama (promotes hair growth)


What I liked about the ingredients were they were all natural, did not require a
prescription and there were no known side effects.


What’s the difference between Provillus and Rogaine?

Obviously a question that is often raised is what’s the difference between
Provillus and Rogaine? Both contain 5% Minoxidil solution; both are similar in
cost (though it’s possible to obtain Rogaine less expensively), however
Provillus contains Azelaic Acid which (when properly used) promotes hair growth.

Provillus also provides something I didn’t find on any Rogaine sites, an
entirely separate product (though very similar) for women. I can’t speak for
Provillus for women, however having a woman in the family <smile> I do know the
hormones in a woman’s body vary vastly from us guys; it makes sense their hair
loss issues would involve a different set of reasons and complimentary solutions.

Provillus offers an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee which in my opinion is a requirement for any respectable and above board company.

NOTE: The above is less processing fee, shipping and handling.


How soon can you expect to see result?

That IS the key question and I want you to know… Provillus is not magic, it will
take continued use and while there have been reports of some men seeing fairly
rapid results, you should plan to use the product for a full six months before
expecting measurable results.

Knowing this, if you decide to give it a try and can afford it, opt for four
bottles and they throw in two free, and that will cover you (hopefully with hair)
for the full six months.


-  Uses minoxidil which is the only FDA-approved topical ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair

- Natural ingridents

- Separate treatments for Women and Men considering the different causes for har loss between men and women

- No cream

- Fast delivery in discreet box

- good customer support, email answered within 24 hours

- Secure Server for payments

- 30 days money-back guarantee – no questions asked



- You need to use the product for a full four to six months before expecting measurable results



Final Verdict

Anyone who is serious about either preventing hair loss or stimulating it to return needs to make a decision.

1. Keep hoping there will one day be a magical cure (not likely)
2. Decide to go with a company and product that has proven results and make your
life what it should be.

Provillus is currently my top rated hair loss treatment.


Price: $39.95 for one month supply, special free bottle offer available here (limited availability)

Guarantee: 30 days 100% Money-back guarantee – no questions asked


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